About Tech Fanta

Technology in India is one of the top business enterprises of its economy and accounts for around 14 to 15% of its GDP. The Indian Technology market is one of the top five Technology markets and also amongst the fastest growing Technology markets in the world.

To ensure that industry leaders keep pace with this fast changing exciting industry, Tech Fanta .Com tracks all the media outlets focusing on Technology industry and brings the most relevant and important news & analysis on the Technology industry.

We cover whatever matters in the Technology Industry in India and all over the world. We are the biggest technology news and reviews site, We share coolest new stuff, we work hard to bring original content, we explain and review how it works and why you buy it, we share here only truth Review is very valuable, we only share real information.

Since 2018, The Tech Fanta was founded by Aashish Gupta. As we all know that the use of technology in our lifestyle because of this we provide the latest technology news and updates.